LOCATION: IJCAI-17 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Melbourne, Australia.

VENUE: RMIT University Building 80 (also known as SAB or Swanston Academic Building)

               Address: 445 Swanston Street , Melbourne, Victoria, 3000





 8:30   Introduction: Mary-Anne Williams (UTS) and William Judge (CBA)
 9:00   Invited Speaker: Holly YancoUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell USA
10:00   Morning Tea
10:30   Research Paper Presentations and Discussion

Hanan Rosemarin, John P. Dickerson and Sarit Kraus
     Learning to Schedule Deadline- and Operator-Sensitive Tasks 
Frank Dignum, Virginia Dignum and Catholijn M. Jonker
     Ethical Considerations by Personal Assistants for Life
Ashley Kelso
     Managing Legal Risks from the Societal Integration of Robots
Elisa Cucco, Michael Fisher, Louise Dennis, Clare Dixon, Matt Webster, Bastian Broecker, 
Richard Williams, Joe Collenette, Katie Atkinson and Karl Tuyls

     Towards Robots for Social Engagement
Xiaoyu Ge, Jochen Renz, Nichola Abdo, Wolfram Burgard, Christian Dornhege, 
Matthew Stephenson and Peng Zhang

     Stable and Robust: Stacking Objects using Stability Reasoning

11:30    Invited Speaker: Amit Pandey, Softbank Robotics

12:30   Lunch 

14:00    Learning from Human-Human Engagement - Peter and Sophie Sardi
15:00    Ideation and Prototyping Session: designing for human-robot engagement
16:00    Afternoon Tea
16:30    Team Presentations
17:00    Workshop Close  

The Workshop will include design thinking ideation and prototyping sessions and much lively discussion/debate on the applications and implications of social robotics.

Download the full proceedings below!